College Gift Ideas for High School Graduate

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
I'm a very practical person when it comes to gift buying. I hate buying just anything because I want people to enjoy their gifts from me and I don't want to waste money on something that will get tossed out before it's even used. That's why for my sisters birthday this year I chose to put together a gift that will start to help her get ready for college next year.

I follow her on Pinterest and had noticed several College Dorm Checklist posts she had pinned and thought it would be fun and practical to start getting her stuff that are listed on these checklists. 

I decided to assemble a first aid kit (because what college kid thinks they'll need one of those?) and found this super cute pink leopard tool box on Amazon when I was looking for something for her to store everything in, which was perfect because she loves pink leopard stuff! 

I didn't realize how nice and spacious it was until I got it in the mail, and I also didn't know it came with a metal tote tray on top so after receiving it I decided to add more than just first aid stuff. (On a side note, I have a 2 year old so reading descriptions of products really means skimming them. They do say on the description there is a metal tote tray.)

In the tote on top of the tool box I put the dorm checklist I printed out, as well as a couple school supplies and other hygienic accessories as you can see in the photo below.

In the main compartment of the tool box I added the first aid kit, cotton cloths, Tide to go, and Emergence-C packets for when she feels like she's getting sick.

Here's a close up photo of all the stuff I put in the new college kit for her. Note- on the checklist I went ahead and crossed off everything I bought for her. My mom and her are going to sit down and cross off everything they already have or simply won't need. This is the easiest way to keep track of everything!

To say the least the college kit idea was a complete success. She is so excited for college and this got her even more pumped! I was very glad for the reaction :). So if you're in the market for a cool idea for college bound kids or even someone moving into their own place for the first time, try this gift on for size!

Happy Shopping,


  1. Those are all very cute & neat! I love to do gift baskets! A great grandma one (since they have everything) is "Glad Tidings of Great Joy!" packed with useful Glad storage bags, Tide, & Joy dishwashing liquid...just thought I'd share!

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  2. What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!


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