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No gym for this mama!

Inspired by parents everywhere trying to get their children out of the house to go somewhere, the YouTube link below is a parody of me trying to go to the gym for a "mini-vacation". But sometimes it's more work than it's worth to actually get a break!

Working out from home can be just as relaxing and rewarding, even with the kids in tow. I do it everyday and my kids are so used to it now they leave me alone most of the time because they are bored of watching me workout. So I still get my "me" time and my workout in.

Click on the link below or on the photo to watch the video :).

As you can see from my transformation photos (that are 10 years and 25 pounds apart), I am proof that ANY mama with small kids CAN reach goals! With time, patience, and perseverance I am where I want to be in my health journey. Now it's time for me to help YOU find your way! Email me and let's get to chatting!

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