Food Allergy Moms - I Appreciate You.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

To the mom reading every food label and making everything from scratch. To the mom being on high alert at all times and educating her peers. To the mom who never leaves the house without the Epi-Pens, who cleans every surface her child might come in contact with, and who is scared to death to go out to eat at a restaurant.

To the mom who is constantly reminding her family members about food allergies, comforting her little one because they can't participate in activities other children are taking part in, and adding another item to the list of food her child can't eat...

I see you. I see your strength. I feel your pain. I appreciate you.

I understand the frustration of seeing someone drop nuts on the playground with no second thought. I know how heartbreaking it is when someone shows up with a surprise snack at the playdate and your kid is the only one who can't eat it. Those big eyes looking at you, filled with tears and deep confusion as to why they can't join in - it's just devastating.

I get the immense fear of dropping your precious child off to preschool for the first time, praying the teacher pays attention to food allergens around your kiddo as much as you do. Going over medication dosage, reaction signs, Epi-Pen procedures, and food allergy labels with them like you yourself are a doctor. Doing all of that and still feeling scared. I want you to know...

I see you. I see your strength. I feel your pain. I appreciate you.

The job of Food Allergy Mom is hard. Like, really hard. Food allergies are expensive, time consuming, and scary - largely because much of the outside world doesn't understand what they really are. How much more can you explain that life threatening food allergies mean just that? How do you explain to everyone you come in contact with that their potential lack of food judgement could cause your kid so much pain? How do you make someone understand it's not about convenience or personal choices, but about life and death?

I've learned all I can do is control my actions, my child's, and educate others as much as possible. I'm sure you can relate. But let's be honest - even that get's exhausting. 

At the end of the day, there are a few things I want you to remember. 

You are seen. You are strongAnd you are greatly appreciated.

My son Leo being silly at a restaurant - the only thing he could do to entertain himself since he couldn't eat any of the food. I love him and his fun personality!


  1. I love you! You and Leo are both so precious to me. I cant imagine how hard it is on a daily basis. You are an awesome mother. So proud of you!

    1. I love you too mama! That made me tear up :)


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