3 Ways to Kick-Start Your Health Journey

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Today I am giving you 3 simple ways to kick-start your health journey. When I talk to people one-on-one, the most common way they tend to feel is overwhelmed and frustrated with their health. They get fed up with trying to do so many different things on a daily basis, on top of obstacles and roadblocks happening, and life getting in the way; they feel like they can't just get a start on their health journey... and their weight loss goals... and nutrition goals... 

Because of this common path in life, I am giving you three simple tips that you can do right now to start your health and weight loss journey. These are not going to be miracle tips where you will learn how to eat 100% clean right now, but more of action steps you can take in order to start your journey today. We all have a starting point, right? We have to start somewhere - a slow build up to get us going!

My first action step is for you to find an accountability partner. It doesn't even have to have somebody in person, you can have an online accountability partner, or even a group. This needs to be somebody that you can talk to or a group of people you can check in with on a regular basis throughout the week who can hold you accountable. They need to have permission from you to say what they need too in order to help keep you on track and have open conversations. It should be a safe environment with your single accountability partner or your group, for you to go and express your struggles, obstacles, and share your scale victories AND your non-scale victories. It needs to be a place or a person that you feel completely comfortable and open with, but a place where you know you will be held accountable for the food that you're eating, the things that are stressing you out (maybe that really shouldn't stress you out), and that person or that group can be honest and tell you to take a step back and reevaluate your priorities. Having an accountability partner on accountability group is a fantastic action step that is proven to help. When you are doing something to reach your goals and you're surrounded by like-minded individuals (again whether in person or online) you're more likely to achieve those goals!

The second step I have for you is what I like to call mini goals. I don't want you to only have a goal a year from now that you're striving for. I don't want you to even get caught up in an end of the year goal. What I need you to do is invest your mind in a goal for 2 weeks from now, and a goal for the month. I want you to focus on what you need to focus on and what you can control now. For example, I talk to people who say something along they lines of, they want to lose 50 pounds by October. Fantastic! That's a great goal to have! BUT if you ONLY look at that number, it can be really frustrating to see that as an attainable goal when you're first starting out. Why? Because our minds our mean! We might think " I lost two pounds...well I still have 48 pounds to go..." Our minds turn to what we need to still do instead of celebrating the victory of losing 2 pounds. With a mini goal of losing 2 pounds this week though, you will feel victorious! See the difference? Those kinds of mini goals are going to help you build your momentum and really propel forward in your overall big goals.

The third action step that I have for you is to do what you love. I know that sounds like a silly step; but working out and eating well is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You will come across people who can be very righteous about what has worked for them, who will sit here and tell you that is exactly what YOU need to do too. But we all have our own DNA make-up, we all have our own bodies, and we all have our own personalities. So if you're not doing what you love then it's going to be really hard to want to continue on to attempt to achieve your goals! 

Me? I don't like cardio! I'm not a cardio person - I don't enjoy massive amounts of it, I don't enjoy going for a long run, or doing Insanity; anything like that is not my style. With my personality, I really enjoy weight training, as well as pilates and yoga style workouts. So that's what I do to stay fit! The same goes for food - I eat vegetables and fruits that I love, I eat a balanced diet, but I don't at all the foods that other people do just because THEY feel they are the best option. I know what works for my body to help me stay healthy, give me energy, and so on and so forth. Again, it's really important to find something that is going to work for you, your personality, your lifestyle, your schedule, your taste, etc. You are YOU and no one else!

I know these three actions will help you now if you implement and will help you move forward towards your bigger goals. If you have any questions about anything if you need any advice you know where to find me!

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