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You know what's common for adults to do? Trying to make sure everything gets taken care of throughout the day.

You know what sucks? You're not usually on that list.

Hi, I'm Laura. Mom of 2 awesome boys and married to my husband for over 10 years now. I'm also the creator of Whole House Wellness, and the kind of mom who wishes she had it all together more than she really does.

Sometimes we simply can't get everything done we want to do. And that's okay. Crazy concept, I know. But so liberating when we come to the full realization of that.

The one thing we do need to ensure we take care of everyday though is ourselves. You've heard the saying I'm sure, "you can't pour from your cup if it's empty". And the sooner you realize this, the sooner you will be set free in the fact that you don't have to do it all and you do have time to take care of you!

It's okay to want to take care of yourself. And it's also okay to need to lean on others for support and guidance. That is why I offer a free membership to everyone who needs a coach for support on making new, positive changes in their life. 

If you're unsure if you need a free accountability coach or not, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I hold myself accountable regularly?
Have I been able to make changes and stick with them?
Do I intentionally make good choices?
Do I constantly feel supported and congratulated in my newfound choices?
Do I live a healthy lifestyle?
Do I put my goals into practice?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then having a free accountability coach IS going to be beneficial to you! I can help you work through struggles, fears, reach goals, and create a lifestyle you can be proud of.

Coaching is something I'm passionate about because it gives me the ability to help other people everyday. God blessed me with the gift of WANTING to help people and actually enjoying it, so let me lead you down a path of happiness alongside the fitness family I've created since becoming a coach in 2013! We love, support, guide, cherish, cheer for, and even call out each other all for the sake of helping one another live life to the absolute fullest.

We all have health and fitness goals, and they are all different from person to person. Beachbody allows me to give people the tools they need in order to reach those goals. With a wide variety of programs to meet the personality, time, financial, and nutrition needs of each individual, I am confident I CAN help you with your struggles (however big or small they may be).

Start your journey by making your free membership with me so that I can be your coach. Once you make the free profile at this linksend me an email so we can establish your goals and hit the ground running!

I look forward to taking your healthy lifestyle to a whole new level!

Drop me a line, an email, or send a dove my way. However you decide to contact me, feel free to do so at any time. I can't wait to hear from you.

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